I grew up surrounded by the handmade. My mom made everything from dresses to drapes and basically every halloween costume I've worn. Our home was decorated with art from talented aunts. In the winter I would don nordic mittens knit by my grandmother. 

I had always admired my mom's sewing and she helped me make my first quilt on winter break from my freshman year at college. I sewed on school breaks but it wasn't until I graduated that my interest (and fabric stash) began to grow. I was working as an archaeologist and slowly began making a quilt by hand in my hotel room during free time. After finishing a couple squares by hand I finally invested in my very own machine.

I returned to college for my second degree and started making lavender eye pillows at the request of friends for their yoga practice. Sewing gave me the opportunity for a creative outlet in between engineering courses but eventually took a backseat until after graduation. 

Work brought me to the Iron Range of Minnesota, allowing for more time to dedicate to sewing and again allowing creativity to flow. Taking the lessons in creating I had learned from the women in my family, I began to dedicate more time to to creative passions including cross stitch, quilt making, watercolor, and embroidery. Eventually my original product of lavender eye pillows became established in stores in Duluth, Grand Marais, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

When not sitting at my desk thinking of another project, you can find me outside. I love to ski, mountain bike, and meander around the trees on foot. I spend weekends exploring the woods from the North Shore to the Upper Peninsula with my sweet dog, Heidi.